When you are setting up your eBay business there are a few essentials you’ll need to get you going.  In 10 Items Your eBay Business Needsfact, these 10 items, in no particular order are some of the most commonly used amongst successful eBay sellers.

1. Computer

It does without saying that you need a computer.  Of course you could get away with a smartphone to list items and manage communications with sellers however there are some features of eBay which are only accessible via a computer.

2. Printer

eBay gives you the option to print postage labels which are then attached to eBay satchels (see point 4) so you’ll definitely need a printer, or access to one. It does not need to print colour; black and white will be fine.

3. Postage Scales

You’ll find that a set of scales becomes your best friend.  When combining post or selling an item that’s on the bulky or heavy side, you will want to make sure you know exactly what is weighs.  Getting the postage cost spot on it critical when you sell on eBay.

4. Packing Tape and Satchels

As mentioned earlier, eBay satchels are the way to go, especially from a convenience perspective (you can buy eBay satchels on eBay too from the Australia Post shop).  They are your best bet when it comes to prepaid postage.  Buy in bulk and save, and make sure you stock up on packing tape, bubble wrap and other wrapping needed to ensure items remain safe in the post!

5. Camera

Whether you use a traditional camera or your smartphone, you’ll definitely need a camera to take photos for each listing.  Photographs make up one of the top 3 most important elements of each listing (the title and the description are the other two).  Take as many as possible.

6. Tape Measure

You’ll find that your tape measure gets lots of use.  Almost everything you sell will need to be measured. Clothing, shoes, furniture, art, accessories. You name it.  The more measurements you include within your detailed description, the greater the chance of a sale.

7. Light Box

Most eBay power sellers use a light box or similar tool to ensure that photographs taken bring out the best features of an item.  A light box creates a distraction free surface. Of course you can always go for a neutral flat surface or a white sheet.  Where possible, try to avoid placing items directly onto the floor.

8. Mannequin

If you are into selling clothing on eBay you will want to invest in a mannequin.There are plenty of options from full standing mannequins to blow up ones. Yes, you read right! I’m not sure how stable they are but for a portable option they are worth considering.

There are mannequins for hats, for shoes and everything in between. Browse them online and see what suits your items best.

9. Items To Sell

Now, you cannot sell on eBay without having items to sell.  There are an almost endless list of options here.  Find things in and around your home.  Sell excess stock from your business. Find items at a local market, garage sale or op shop.

10. Time and Patience

Once you have your listings prepared and they are live, it is time to watch the sales roll in.  You’ll need patience too because it won’t always happen overnight. You may need to promote your listings on social media, you may need to adjust the titles or description and you may even need to consider the price.

The most important point is that the more you sell the more experience you’ll gain and the better you’ll become. You just need to make a start!