50 Things To Do Without TechnologyLet’s face it.  Sometimes it seems our entire life can revolve around our computer, ipad or iPhone.  As eBay sellers or those running an online business, technology can very often take over our lives to such an extent we forget how many things we can do without using a keyboard.

So what would you do if your power went out and you could not list items on eBay? What would you do if you were without access to your computer, even for a couple of hours?

Below are some great ways to have fun (often for the whole family) while avoiding technology overload and whilst you are technology-free, there are also plenty of eBay related things you can do to get yourself organised!

Be Active

  1. Bike Ride – Go for a bicycle ride and drag a friend along.
  2. Dance– Go out dancing, whether it’s salsa, night clubbing or 50s swing.
  3. Skate– Go skating or rollerblading at your local rink or your driveway.
  4. Walk – When was the last time you just went for a relaxing walk?

Be Organised

  1. Declutter – Clean out your wardrobe, drawers or shed. You may just find some hidden treasures ready to be sold on eBay of course!
  2. Take photographs – Get your eBay listings ready by taking some fabulous photos of items to sell.  If you cannot get access to decent light inside, take your mannequin outside.
  3. List– Write a list of things you need to do or ideas you’ve been meaning to jot down.
  4. Re-arrange– Change the furniture around in your home and try a new look.
  5. Organise– Go through that box you keep meaning to sort.
  6. Cleaning- Not the most fun activity but one that can become a fun activity with the family. How about this for an idea..”Who ever picks up and puts away the most things in 5 minutes gets a back scratch!” That would work in my house.

Be Creative

  1. Cocktail– Learn how to make a new cocktail or drink and have a fun night in!
  2. Create – Build something from scratch.
  3. Discover– Learn how something works or pull something apart.
  4. Garden – Visit the local nursery and pick some flowers or vegetables and make your own garden or window box.
  5. Scrapbook– Make a book out of all those photos you’ve been saving.
  6. Sew– Sew something. Or learn to sew.
  7. Origami– Buy a book with designs and some paper and see what you can make.
  8. Paint– Sit down and paint or draw.
  9. Time Capsule– Bury a box full of memories.
  10. Magic Beans– Plant the magic message beans you’ve been holding onto and watch them grow!

Be Adventurous

  1. Drive– Go for a drive and discover a place you’ve never been. Stop at a tiny shop for milkshakes.
  2. Night Away– Spend a night at a new place. Or an old place (like your honeymoon hotel).
  3. Find a playground – Head to your local park and enjoy the simple things in life. Jump on a swing. You know you want to.

Be Social

  1. Friends– Meet someone new. In the real world.
  2. Talk – Really sit down and talk to your family. A long-overdue uninterrupted conversation
  3. Restaurant– Go out and visit your favourite restaurant for a sit down meal.
  4. Phone Call– Ring your parents or grandparents.
  5. Pets– Hangout with your dog. Or cat. Or chicken.
  6. Visit– Go visit an old friend who you’ve only talked to on Facebook for the last year.

Be Yourself and Do What Comes Naturally

  1. Enjoy– Sit down and really enjoy something – like a mango.
  2. Family– Go out and have fun with your kids or grandkids.
  3. Nap– Lay down and catch up on sleep. Chances are you need it.
  4. Naughty– Do something naughty. We’re not going to give you suggestions.
  5. New Tastes– Try tasting something new that you’ve always wanted to try but never have.
  6. Nice– Do something nice for someone – a gift box or a charity donation.
  7. Letter– Write a letter (on real paper, with a real pen!) and post it.
  8. Listen– To a cassette or CD. Or a real live band!
  9. Make a Mess – A pillow fight for instance.
  10. Memories– Go through old stuff from high school
  11. Photos– take some photos of beautiful things you see.
  12. Rainbows– Make a rainbow with a hose. Run through the water!
  13. Read– A real book or magazine.
  14. Read to your children– Better still, read a book to your kids or have them read one to you!
  15. Relax– Just relax. With music or in the sun.
  16. Silly– Do something silly. Incredibly silly!
  17. Surprise– Surprise someone special with a gift, a visit or a party.
  18. Think– Just sit under a tree and reminisce and remember.
  19. Write– Write a story. By hand.
  20. Washing– Okay it’s not the most fun thing to do but hey, you could always sort the washing or put the clothes away. It’s rare not to have SOME to do!
  21. Nothing- Yes, sit, stare into space, meditate, close your eyes or just lay on your bed or couch and simply do nothing. You deserve it sometimes.

Whether you are running an eBay business or work outside of the the home, it’s nice to take time away from the computer to really appreciate the simple things in life.  Catch up with people that really matter.  Catch up on your favourite book. Do a spot of gardening or simply enjoy being with family members.

That old saying of ‘take time to smell the roses’ has never been more appropriate. You will be better at work, in your business and as a person when you take care of yourself.