When you are selling clothing and accessories on eBay it is essential that you include measurements.  This does not just extend to tops and pants, but also handbags, hats, scarves and shoes!

These key details form part of the item specifics in many cases, but also the description.  Whether you sell women’s, men’s, children’s or a mixture of all, get yourself a handy tape measure; it will become as important to you as your camera.

This is a fabulous guide to clothing measurements. I recommend you take a look closely and ensure you are providing your potential customers the precise information they may very well be seeking.  And trust me, the more information you can offer upfront, the more likely you will be to make a prompt sale.

eBay Clothing Measurements Guide

Let’s walk through a couple of the most common items.

eBay clothing measurement guide for a top/blouse/shirt

The key here is to provide measurements for:

  • armpit to armpit (some call this the bust measurement)
  • shoulder to shoulder
  • length of the garment from the top of the shoulder to the hemline – note that if the hemline is uneven due to the design, make mention of the shortest and longest parts.
  • sleeve length

Sometimes there are also requests for measurements of underarm to length of sleeve.

eBay clothing measurement guide for a bag/handbag

When measuring a bag, often photos can be deceiving so it is important that a number of important features and measurements are included in your listing:

  • Width, length and height are a must
  • Measure too the handle/straps

Often there is a request to measure the entire bag from the top of the straps to the base of the bag.

eBay clothing measurement guide for a dress or skirt

We all know how varied sizes can be and a Small or Large dress or skirt may in some brands be a size 10 or a size 14. This is why key elements are essential to be included in your eBay listing.

  • As a must, measure the waist (laying the garment flat) and where possible the hip area.
  • For a skirt, measure waist to hem and for a dress, shoulder to hem.
  • Where you are selling a dress, include arm measurements as per the top/blouse description above.

If the item also has a split at the back, belt loops or an uneven hemline, make sure you provide close up images and measurements of these features too.


Are you selling an item on eBay and are unsure how to accurately measure it? Let me know. I am more than happy to guide you. Happy selling!