Open your cupboards, take a look in the garage and even check your inventory stock levels….there are things to sell in every room of your house and office!

We have some basic conditions:

  • items must have a resale value of at least $20
  • you must be the owner of the item and
  • it must be legal according to eBay

We take your small items away with us and post them off once it has sold. We can sell larger items (such as furniture or items that cannot be posted) for you – we just need to discuss appropriate storage and collection.

Step 2

Auction Valet takes good care of your belongings and work to get you the best result possible.

We carefully

  • photograph every item for sale
  • take appropriate measurements
  • appraise the item based on previous sales and the current demand
  • prepare a detailed and accurate title and description
  • and manage all of the customer service including deliver to the new owner via Australia Post.

Auction Valet is based in Malvern East in Melbourne.

Step 3

At the completion of a successful sale, you will receive your money!

All eBay listing and selling fees as well as PayPal fees and Auction Valet’s commission are automatically deducted from the sale price, leaving you with a net result that goes straight into your bank.

Any unsold items are returned to you or donated to charity. Please read our contract for further details regarding fees charge on unsold items.

The Challenge

Finding time selling on eBay can be a challenge. And knowing the ins and outs to a successful listing is time-consuming. We understand this.

The Solution

Let Auction Valet do all the hard work for you. Decide what you want to sell, we will manage the entire process and you receive money at the completion of a sale. Too easy!

  • eBay Sale Price <$250, You Earn 50%
  • eBay Sale Price $250-500, You Earn 55%
  • eBay Sale Price Over $500, You Earn 60%

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The Opportunity

We have sold items on behalf of shopaholics with bursting wardrobes, businesses clearing stock, renovators, interior designers creating new looks, downsizers, and even schools looking for unique fundraising opportunities.  

The First Step

Take the first step. Contact Auction Valet today and find out for yourself just how easy this whole process it.  You’ll be back for more! We guarantee it.

What It Costs To Sell With Us

Auction Valet works solely on commission.

Our service is risk free as we only charge you when we sell something so it is in our best interest to get you the best possible price! Each and every time!

The fees to list and sell an item on eBay are dependant on a number of elements and can vary however this will be discussed in detail before we commence our work with you.

The Higher The Item’s Value, Less Lower Our Commission

Yes! You read correctly.  The higher an item sells for, the less we take and the more you earn.

If you have high valued items to be sold please get in touch to discuss commission rates.  Similarly if you have a lot of high value items, a personalised commission rate will be agreed to.

When a sale is made, you will receive periodical payment as well as a detailed document outlining each item listed, how much it sold for and the calculation of fees.

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