Auction Valet offers eBay sellers assistance in a unique way.

In addition to our consignment service and coaching/mentoring sessions, we also act as a virtual listing assistant.

Whether you own your own eBay business, are keen to sell online to make some money or are just not that comfortable with listing on eBay let me help you.  Auction Valet can:

  • List your items on eBay
  • Use our expertise in title and description formatting to optimise your items
  • Provide support throughout the sales process

All you need to do is photograph your items and post them when they sell! Too easy!





eBay Listing Service

15 + 4 =


We Use Your eBay Profile

YOU build up a solid eBay reputation with your profile and earn plenty of positive ratings!


Fixed Hourly Rates

Pay Zero commission on your sales! We only charge a listing service fee so you earn more money!


No Locked In Contracts

Use our Listing Service if and when you need us! We are on call to help you at anytime.