Here’s an eBay selling tip you may not have ever considered.  Quick sales with lots or bulk listings!

Quick Sales With Lots or Bulk ListingsHave you ever had some items that you have listed for sale but they just never seem to attract buyers?

You’ve no doubt tweaked the title, adjusted the price, double and triple checked the photos but still the item won’t sell.

Why don’t items always sell on eBay?

There are a number of reasons why your items may not be selling. It could be because the eBay market is saturated with your particular product. It could be that the item you are promoting is out of season or it may just be a brand name or colour that is not in high demand at the moment.

Don’t panic! There is a solution that could very well help you clear old stock, make money fast and put a smile on a customer’s face.

Create listings in lots or bulk

Here’s an idea you may like to try.

Grab the items that are just not selling and see if you can logically group them into lots or bulk batches.

  • Are they the same brand or size?
  • Are they of a similar colour?
  • Could you make an outfit out of them like a pair or pants with a blouse or a top and a pair of shorts?

Grouping your items together for a quick sell is one of the best ways to move stock fast and get a sale.

Cater for those who do not like to shop

Let’s face it. Not everyone likes to browse or shop in general.  By catering for this market on eBay you will grab a new audience and satisfy their needs.

Some people like to shop now, buy now, and get all their items at once.  So if you have a bundle of large or extra-large men’s tops, group them into one listing.  Maybe 5 items together.  Photograph them nicely and put a Buy It Now price on to allow an instant sale (even offer best offer to allow further negotiation to occur).  With combined shipping and the option to purchase fast you are in a great position to enjoy a quick sale.

Try it out for yourself.  You just never know how it may work for your items.

Good luck and let me know how you go.