How To Become An eBay Trading Assistant

Did you know that you can buy and sell on eBay via a Trading Assistant? More importantly did you know that you can become a trading assistant and sell for others and make money?

Let me share some secrets with you. I am an eBay Trading Assistant and have been for many years, helping hundreds of families part with unwanted items and give them some very handy money.

Come on a little journey with me whilst I give you the in’s and out’s of what a Trading Assistant is all about.

Becoming a Trading Assistant To Make Money At Home

eBay offers qualified sellers the opportunity to ‘apply’ to become an eBay trading assistant. Once you pass a few set criteria (refer to eBay rules), you can set your own conditions, your own rules and your own prices and start selling items for others on eBay.

Technically you can always sell items for others (ie: family, friends etc) on eBay but this way people you do not know will knock on your door to ‘hire’ your services.

Sound too easy and too good to be true? Well it is real and it works!

I have been an eBay approved Trading Assistant for over 10 years now and have sold thousands of items for clients. Once you are approved to be a trading assistant, your profile is automatically added by eBay to a trading assistant directory. Anyone looking for help to sell on eBay, types in their post code and if you are in their vicinity you appear and they are free to contact you for details.

Being a trading assistant means that you set your own working hours, you set the commission you want to earn, you set the items you want to sell, you set the rules! Be in charge. Be your own boss.

Creating a Trading Assistant Profile

Once you are approved by eBay as a Trading Assistant, the time arrives for you to establish a profile. By this I mean you need to consider the following:

  • What items are you interested to sell for others? What is your area of expertise? Is baby and children’s clothing? Antiques? Books? Computer software?
  • What are your ‘opening hours’? Are you contactable from 9-5 on weekdays only or weekends too.
  • Do you offer a pick up / drop off service? This means are you willing for people to come to your home to drop their items off or do you pick up items only in a 10km radius for example.
  • What are your terms? What commission will you charge on sales? What fees if any will you charge if you list an item (taking the time to photograph it, place a description etc) and it does not sell. What agreements will you make with the owners if their items are not fit for sale? Will you donate them or return them?
  • Will you offer a local service only or deal with interstate clients?
  • Will you get references for future use?
  • Will you advertise yourself on forums, websites or other mediums to expand your service?

These are a few points that I believe are critical to be considered when establishing a profile.

eBay Trading Assistant Tips

Remember these few tips…

  • Establish Trust – potential clients are giving you their valuables, respect them
  • Constant Communication – keep in touch with your clients at all times. Never assume what they want, always ask.
  • Reporting – keep track of all items listed on eBay with a spreadsheet, tracking item number, item name, listing price, eBay listing fee, final sales price, eBay selling fee, your commission percentage, paypal fees, status (posted, awating payment etc)

If you are unsure where to start or need more help in this area, I have plenty of FREE articles on the subject but I also offer a one-on-one coaching service plus some online training tools too.

If you have a question, please ask me!