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eBay’s search engine Cassini loves fresh content.  You’ll hear successful eBay sellers say over and over again that one of the best ways to make money on eBay is to list everyday.

how to list items on eBay everyday

The question is though, when people say you should list everyday, does that mean brand new listings or does relisting items count as well?

Tip 1: Create new listings for eBay items

It’s always best to create new listings for items you have laying around.  Unlisted inventory is potentially lost money so if you have a spare couple of minutes, put an item up for sale. It need only be one thing. You don’t need to spend hours and you definitely do not need to list 5, 10 or 20 items.  One per day is certainly a positive step forward.

Tip 2: Relist sold items using the sell similar option

If you are super short on time, don’t have any stock you need to list and have some unsold items sitting around, the relisting option most certainly counts.

If it is possible you should list them as fresh and new, using a Sell Similar technique instead of just simply hitting relist. In doing so this will create the effect of a brand new listing and help with basic eBay search algorithms for your listing and your store/non store profile.

If you have watchers on unsold items you will lose them is you select sell similar. I would hit relist for anything with watchers as eBay notifies them of the relist.

Before pressing the submit button though, consider reviewing your listing and making a few little changes.

  • Lower or even raise a price just a little
  • Add the shipping into the price and make it “free shipping”
  • If it was free shipping play with the price and add a reduced shipping charge
  • Change the title around and add some different keywords
  • Adjust the order of the photos or even include a fresh picture

Sometimes the smallest changes may give a buyer an extra nudge to buy.

Good luck!