Have you ever wondered what the different is between the relist and sell similar options on eBay?  When The Difference Between Relist and Sell Similar on eBayan item fails to sell, you have the option to list it for sale again, but which method is most appropriate?

You’ll be surprised at the answers!

When To Use Relist To List An Unsold eBay Item

If your item has watchers and failed to sell, opting for the relist option will not only put it back for sale in the identical format (unless of course you decide to adjust any of the features) but it will also notify those watchers that it is for sale again.

The benefits of this are many.  Some of the watchers may have simply forgotten to bid/buy and will be grateful for the opportunity to take another look at it and if you have lowered the price or added more photos it may be even more enticing.

When To Use Sell Similar To List An Unsold eBay Item

If your item has no watchers, the key is to opt for the sell similar option.  This effectively gives the listing a brand new item number and it is then considered a fresh listing, potentially placing it higher in the results queue.

So what option should you use?

If you want to take a gamble that the watchers on your listings may now purchase, then go for the relist option, however in most instances you are far better to sell similar and reach a new audience.

What is your preference?