Create, design and upload images to your website, blogs and hubs using free photo editing tools found

Free Online Photo Editing Websites

In the world of Pinterest, and the ever growing propensity to share images, the desire to create ‘likeable’ images has never been greater. With the close of a very popular photo editing site picnik comes the need to search out some even greater photo editing websites, such as the PicMonkey, the FREE best alternative on the market.

For many, finding a trustworthy free online photo editing option is time consuming. There are many free online photo editing options available. These are my favourites.

If you are on the search for images to use to edit, there are also a plethora of free sites to locate the image that is right for you.


PicMonkey is the best alternative to picnik. It is a photo editing website that is FREE to use and requires no registration. There is an option to upgrade to a paid version which does provide a greater range of editing tools and features however for the basics, you can get by without paying a cent.

Simply select ‘ Edit Your Photo’ and you are prompted to choose the image from your computer. Now comes the fun part. Amongst the basic edit functions, you can croprotateresize and even amend the exposure of your image.

The effects available are almost endless. Not only can you turn a color image into the typical black and white or sepia, but you can boost the original colors or soften them. Add a tint, pixelate your photo or zoom in on a particular feature.

Gee, you can even highlight your hair, touch up your skin tone, brighten your eyes and make yourself lose weight.

There are the typical text adding options, symbols, arrows, stars and emoticons to add, but also the themed overlays. Everything from lips, beach, sunglasses, butterflies and flowers.

Add your boarder, frame, rounded corners, coupled with a varirety of textured options and before you know it you will have completely transformed your original photo. Make collages and so much more.

The creativity shown here is just the beginning. You are only limited by your imagination.


Photovisi is a great option if you are forusing on creating a collage. This tool allows you to upload images and insert them into any number of pre-designed templates. The themes are wonderful and you can tailor them to what ever your website, blog or hub relates to.

Are you writing an article about sports? Insert your sporty photos into the short theme collage. Send a christmas image. Be creative.


ImageChef is a free to use website that provides you with lots of free creativity.

With any image of your choice, you can upload it and embed it in photo frames, wanted posters or love hearts.

You can also create your own word mosaic. Using different shapes provided, you can enter your own text to create word pictures. Alter the font and/or colors to suit your website, facebook page or hub design.

There are far too many options to go through. Take a moment to browse the website yourself. It is all free.


FotoFlexer is another option I have used. This is also FREE to use and does not require registration. Simply upload an image from your computer, from facebook, Flickr, Picasa or many other options and start getting creative. The effects available to use within this free online photo editor are far more creative I believe.

You can do your basic crop, resize, fix red-eye, rotate as per the usual options, however you can make your image a patchwork, make it look like a comic strip, pop art, cartoon, ink stamp, heat map, sketch or bronze. And that is just the start of it.

You can even add animated images. Yes, animated gif images. Sparkling stars or hearts. Butterflies or presents. All for FREE.

Distort the image, add additional photos to make a collage. This free photo image editor is so much fun to use and the options are far more than any other I have seen.

Please remember to read any terms and conditions before using any of the above mentioned online photo editing tools.

Pixabay – Free Public Domain Images

If you are searching for images for your website, blog or hub, that are free to use commercially and free to alter and adjust as best suits your needs, take a look at  This is a fantastic website.

Simply enter into the search box the word or terms that match your requirements, i.e. ‘trees’ or ‘red trees’.

Once you have found the image you need, simply download it to your computer and you are ready to make any alterations as you see fit.

In addition to Pixabay, there are many other sites that offer free images to use and adapt however they do require attribution back to the source. So please remember that.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Freepic
  • MorgueFile
  • ImageCodr
  • Jupiter Images

What is your recommendation for editing photos online?