Authentic Prada handbags are a luxury not afforded by to distinguish a fake prada handbag

For those who seek the opportunity to purchase a designer item, knowing how to spot a ‘good’ fake from a genuine product is not going to be easy.

As an eBay trading assistant I have bought and sold many expensive products over the years and I have seen my fair share of really bad replicas and some quite good ones. The point being made is that the illegal producers of products are very good at polluting our online markets with counterfeit items, masking them to be the original.

It is time to put an end to this; if we cannot ourselves stop the manufacture, at least let’s educate ourselves on how to spot a fake Prada handbag, or wallet or pair of shoes for that matter, so we no longer financially support these businesses.

Never get fooled again. Sure it’s tempting to take advantage of an incredibly low-priced, genuine ‘looking’ designer handbag like Prada. If you cannot afford to by brand new from a Prada flagship store, and you are searching for a preloved item that is 100% the real deal, equip yourself knowledge.

Here you will be able to learn to tell the very subtle differences between the real genuine article and a really good, or sometimes terrible fake. It could ultimately save you thousands of dollars and lots of heartache.

Certificate of Authenticity

Prada Handbag Authenticity CardAll genuine, brand new, Prada handbags come with two authenticity cards. One will be paper and the other a plastic credit card-like card, typically in a small black envelope. The latter not only holds details of the bag style, but also its serial number.


Prada Bag Lining

Not only are the external materials of a Prada handbag of the utmost quality, but so too is the lining.

Authentic Prada bags have lining that can come in one of three materials:

  • Prada signature fabric
  • Smooth calf leather, or
  • Satin

Regardless of the material used, the word ‘Prada’ and a symbol that looks like a sideways letter “S”, or figure 8, will always appear. This will be repeated horizontally over the lining.

Watch out for misspellings of the word Prada also.

Genuine Prada Dust Bag

Look out for a white dust bag to house your new addition in. This will be white and has a soft felt like feel.

The front of the bag will have a black Prada logo on it and it will have a drawstring closure.

The tag inside the bag itself should be labeled with ‘Prada’ and will also state 100% Cotton, and Made In Italy.

Be aware that older style dust bags were navy blue with Prada printed in gold. If someone tries to sell you a brand new handbag with a dust bag of this description then it is fake.

If the dustbag looks different to any of the above descriptions, or is not present with a new bag, the bag is not genuine.

Remember though if the bag is preloved, the cards and dust bag may not have been kept by the original owner. You can try asking for a receipt too.


If any stitching appears to be loose, misaligned, messy or just all over the place it will definitely not be the real deal.

A genuine Prada product has perfect stitching, very neat, always aligned and nice and small.

Genuine Prada Handbag Features eBay


Prada handbags are manufactured using the highest of quality materials and can include:

  • Canvas
  • Crocodile
  • Lizard
  • Buffalo Leather
  • Deer Skin
  • Wild Boar Skin
  • Suede, Satin or Nylon
  • Leather – patent, polished, textured, full grain
  • and even Ostrich.

Hardware on a Prada Handbag

Hardware, or buckles and external additions typically come in three colours

  • Silver-toned
  • Gold-toned, or
  • Rose- toned.

If you see a bag with a combination of any of these colors, or something different it is not genuine.

Logo Outside of the Prada Bag

A signature identifier of a Prada handbag is its triangle logo. This is usually placed in the middle of a bag in the front or on the side.

Pay close attention to the placement and spacing of the letters of the word Prada. They will always be evenly spaced on a genuine article, and if the logo is a plaque it will be engraved, not printed on.

Furthermore, the letter R in the word Prada will have its right leg curved a little. If it is a straight R is will be fake. If it has a little curve on the R just before it meets with the letter A, then it is authentic.

Logo Inside the Bag

There will always be a plaque on the inside of the bag, attached to the lining.

It will always state “Prada Made in Italy” and it will be metal.

  • It will be firmly attached to the lining on all sides
  • It will have 4 round corners
  • There will be a piece backing material underneath the plaque which you will be able to feel
  • The wording will be raised
  • The color will match or be very close to the color of the lining

A plastic or fabric tag is a sign of a fake Prada. Also, it the tag says anything other than the phrase mentioned above, it is fake.

As always, the best way to ensure you are buying a genuine Prada product is to purchase it from a genuine flagship store, or a department store. And buy brand new. If you are looking for a preloved product and you are buying online try to follow the above-mentioned guide to ensure you are not buying a fake.

There is no doubt that Prada handbags are popular because they are made from quality materials and carry quality features.

Authenticity card, stitching quality, logos, matching colors throughout, engraved Prada name with a curved R and overall quality materials are all good signs that your product is genuine.

Remember also that if the bag is being advertised as new and has a ridiculously low price, ask a lot of questions before even considering buying this. No one, no matter who they are will ‘give away’ a genuine Prada bag for peanuts.

If you prefer to feel and inspect a Prada item before buying, scour local opp shops, or thrift shops. Some ladies who are fortunate enough to afford these kinds of designer bags often like to regularly donate their items as they buy new ones so you may just spot the bargain of the century in your local donation shop today. It will have more chance of being genuine than the stand at the local market that has a sign up advertising ’50 brand new Prada bags all for $20′.