What Is The Impact Of Changing an Item From Auction To Fixed PriceHave you ever had an eBay item for sale as an auction and wondered whether it should have been a fixed price?  Sometimes there are very good reasons to adjust the manner in which an item is available but it is important to be aware of the impact of changing the sale type.


If your item is active on eBay and is on auction:

  • You cannot change it to fixed price if there are bids
  • You can change it to a fixed price when there are no bids however you will lose all watchers on the listing and effectively you will start from scratch,

Changing the sale type re-starts the listing.

Now, if you realise that you made a mistake by all means change it fast.  If you are just wanting to change it to see if you will sell it faster then other than it becoming a new listing, and potentially losing all your following on it, you need to consider the price you set it for.  Sometimes auctions reach extraordinary prices.  Sometimes they don’t.  It’s a bit of a risk but as long as you are aware of the impacts, you are okay.

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